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Barista Training

Professional barista training in Sheffield

Do you want to make perfect coffee every time? Are you looking for a professionally designed course on coffee making? Shhhh! Coffee Shop Limited has just the right course for you.

Who can take our course:

Shhhh! Coffee Shop Limited is not only a relaxing coffee shop where you can have a great time over excellent food and refreshing coffees, but we also train future baristas in the art of crafting perfect coffees. Whether you want to learn the art of coffee making for yourself or you want to open a café, our barista training course is the right one for you. From setting up the espresso machine correctly to monitoring the texture and foaming of milk, we teach a wide variety of techniques.
barista training

Coffee machine

Our course structure

Our training course is divided into:
  • Introduction to coffee
  • Setting your grinder and dose
  • Choosing the right machine/grinder
  • Calibrating your espresso machine
  • Care and maintenance of equipment
  • Steps to producing your espresso
  • Introduction to milk
  • Techniques to texturing and foaming
  • The barista menu
We’ll offer a courtesy lunch to the team. You can also contact us for a refresher course. 
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Perfect your coffee making art. Call us for training enquiries in Sheffield on
07708 916 280
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